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The Log Surfboard

The Log Surfboard

The Log Surfboard cutting board is made from Walnut, Hard Maple, and Cherry hardwoods. It comes in 3 different wood variations and 2 different sizes. 

  •  The Log Surfboard is 24" x 7" x ¾” thick approxately.

    • Dimensions  
    • The Surfboard is 24" x 7 x  ¾” thick approximately
    • Primary woods used: Walnut, Hard Maple, and Cherry
    • Handcrafted & Made in Santa Barbara, CA
    • Made from the Hand Selected Quality Hardwoods.
    • Amazingly Durable
    • Ideal for Everyday cutting, chopping, slicing and serving.
    • Finished with Food Grade Mineral Oil and a blend of Beeswax and Carnauba wax


    Please Note: Due to the varied nature of wood, wood tones, wood grains, etc... virtually no board is exactly alike.  I think this is a good thing!

    Please understand your board may look different than the example in the photo.

    Each cutting board will come with a list of woods used, cleaning and care instructions.